About Revivo

Revivo is a multifunction herbal immune booster composed of a number of herbal and mineral ingredients that together may support and boost immune function and help the body fight off infection and illness.


The herbal formulation in Revivo is based on traditional chinese herbal combinations that were used and perfected over hundreds of years to strengthen and support the body's vital forces and allow it to deal with many different types of pathogenic influences.


Traditional Chinese Doctors have been dealing with weak immune function and the associated illnesses for hundreds of years and the literature shows that they had become very efficient at treating such conditions. There are also herbs in Revivo that combat the side-effects of conventional therapy and therefore may assist with nausea, diarrhea, impotence, lipodystrophy etc.


Some of the herbs in Revivo are not commonly found and therefore more costly to source and prepare but their benefits are clear especially for immune weakness, neaurasthenia, leukopenia and even cancer due to their enhanced ability to strengthen the immune response.


The ingredients include:

* Arctium Fruit

* Coix Seed

* Lotus Seed

* Prunella Spica seed

* Zizyphus Seed

* Leonurus Herba

* Astragalus Root

* Codonopsis Pilosulae

* Licorice root


In essence then Revivo is composed of ingredients that:

* Boost the Immune System

* Help the body fight infections

* Reduce the side effects of conventional therapy


In preparing Revivo, raw ingredients are sourced and then tested to ensure quality of the herbs as well as purity especially from environmental contaminants and other toxins. These raw ingredients are decocted and combined together in a powder form under strict GMP conditions in an ultra hygienic factory and then capsuled and bottled under the same strict hygienic conditions.


Revivo is manufactured in Taiwan by one of the 3 top herbal manufacturing plants in the world. The factory is fully GMP compliant and also boasts a Level 4 Eco friendly facility.